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"Kullo    yawm'in    'Ashura,    Kullo    ardh'in    Karbala"          "Every    day    is    'Ashura    and    every    land    is    Karbala"

Muharram is the Islamic month during which shias from across the world mourn over the tragedy of Karbala. Karbala is the place of freedom, where Imam Hussein and his army, including his brothers, sisters, sons and daughters fought for Islam. Shi'ites are normally very emotional, and usually stereotyped as terrorists. We are not so...we are just believers. We believe in a lot of things...including Ashura. Ashura, the day it all happenned. Every year on the tenth of Muharram (Ashura) we cry, we mourn, we feel, and we believe. Would you like to learn more about this tragic war, this great man and all his sacrifices? For a short summary of the war of Karbala, why it happenned and more, please visit KARBALA - CHAIN OF EVENTS. Or if you would like to read a great book written about this war, pick up "The Tragedy of Karbala" by Syed Abid.

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I am happy to inform everyone that I have started another Shia Email Discussion Group called ShiaTalk! This discussion group is for those muslims who adhere to the 12 Imam Shia School of thought. Please join your brothers and sisters in educational discussions about Shia'ism!!

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