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30 Shia worshipers martyred in Sialkot blast

Islamabad, Pakistan

At least 30 Shia worshipers were martyred and more than 50 were injured on Friday in a suspected suicide attack at a crowded mosque in the south eastern Pakistani city of Sialkot.

The explosion occured at 1:30pm local time, as 800 worshipers had gathered for the Friday prayers at the Zainabia Mosque, and were listening to the sermon.

Witnesses said they saw a man with a briefcase enter the mosque shortly before the blast and as he opened the briefcase, it exploded.

The intensity of the explosion was so strong that it left a two feet wide crater on the floor and leaving the shades and window panes of the mosque shattered and shattering the walls.

A second briefcase was found outside the mosque, and the bomb disposal experts claimed it was also packed with a nine pound explosive bomb.

Hundreds of angry people started protesting after the attack. Army and police was deployed at the mosque and at hospitals to restore order.

The latest attack on a Shia mosque comes a week after Pakistani security forces killed a top Al Qaeda suspect, Amjad Farooqi.

Farooqi, who had remaied a member of Wahabi terrorist outfits, Sipah-e-Sahaba and Lashkar-e-Jhangvi and was Al Qaeeda's top man in Pakistan, was believed to be behind the murder of Wall Street Journal reporter Daniel Pearl in 2002.

Farooqi is also believed to have masterminded previous attacks on Shia mosques in Pakistan.

Lashkar e Jhangavi and Sipah e Sahaba

Mullah Azam Tariq, former chief of Wahabi terrorist group Sipah e Sahaba
Mullah Azam Tariq, former chief of Wahabi terrorist group Sipah e Sahaba

Sipah e Sahaba and Lashkar e Jhangavi, two Deobandi/Wahabi militant organisations are said to have recently been banned by President Musharraf of Pakistan. Trained in Afghanistan by the al-Qaida and former Wahabi ranks in the ISI, both terrorist organisations have killed hundreds of Shia Muslims in Pakistan.

Sunni muslims also became a target of Wahabi terrorism when they refused to accept the barbaric beliefs of the Saudi cult. Allama Saleem Qadri, chief of Pakistan Sunni Tehreek, was gunned down by terrorists belonging to Sipah e Sahaba in May 2001 when he refused to support them.

The Sunni scholars consider Wahabis/Deobandis as a non-Muslim cult.

Fahd bin Abdul Aziz, present Saudi Wahabi ruler
Fahd bin Abdul Aziz, present Saudi Wahabi ruler

Millions of dollars are thrown in every year by the Saudi royal family to support the Sipah e Sahaba and Lashkar e Jhangavi as well as the Wahabi ranks in the ISI. These Wahabi ranks were placed in the ISI by the late Wahabi General, Zia ul Haq whose dictatorship lasted eleven years.

The Pakistani news papers, some of whom are on ISI's payroll and others out of fear, keep the Wahabi cult out of the conflict and use the word "Sunni" for Sipah e Sahaba and Lashkar e Jhangavi.

The international news agencies like BBC, Reuters, Associated Press etc have also ignored the voice of the victims (Shias) and become a party to the Wahabi conspiracy by accusing Sunni Muslims for the killings.

The Wahabis - a brief history

The Wahabis, also known as Deobandis or Nasbis in India and Pakistan, follow Abu Sufyan, Muaweyah and Yazeed. All three were the biggest enemies of Islam. While Abu Sufyan spent all his life leading the pagans of Mecca in battles against prophet Muhammad (saww), his cursed son Muaweyah spent most of his life fighting Imam Ali (AS), the rightful caliph according to both Shia and Sunni belief.

Realising that he would not be able to stand against the prophet of God, Abu Sufyan pretended to embrace Islam on the day Mecca fell to Muslims and the prophet removed all the idols from the Holy Ka'ba. The holy prophet forgave all who asked for forgiveness but instead of showing gratitude, Abu Sufyan and his filthy tribe, Banu Umayya, started plotting against Islam.

The Umayyads had been rivals of the Hashmiites, the prophet's tribe for centuries. They could not accept the supremecy God had given to the Hasmiites by sending his messenger from within this tribe. As soon as Imam Ali (AS), the prophet's cousin and son in law, on strong public demand accepted the office of Calpih , Muaweya bin Abu Sufyan's hatred for the prophet's family forced him to rise against the rightful leader of the faithful.

After Imam Ali was martyred, the elder grandson of the prophet, Imam Hasan (AS) was selected as calpih by the Muslims. Muaweyah meanwhile had built his own empire in Syria. Imam Hasan (AS) was also martyred.

Muaweyah instructed the imams of all the mosques within his rule to slander Imam Ali (AS) and the rest of the prophet's family after Friday prayers. Muaweyah's descendants continued this practice for more than eighty years until Calpih Omer bin Abdul Aziz put an end to it.

The Muslim prayers, according to all Muslim sects, are not accepted by God until blessings (Darood) are said for the prophet and his holy progeny.

Muaweyah appointed his son Yazeed, an evil man who was hated by all Muslims, as his heir apparent. When Yazeed sat on the thrown after Muaweya's death, his first priority was to get an oath of allegiance from the prophet's family as he knew that as long as they dont give allegiance, the Muslims would not accept him as caliph.

As a result of Yazeed's demand, the younger grandson of the prophet, Imam Hussain (AS) left his home town, Madina, along with his family to avoid bloodshed in the holy city. Yazeed had ordered the governor of Madina to kill Imam Hussain if he does'nt take the oath of allegiance.

Imam Hussain (AS) could never give allegiance to an evil man like Yazeed. Yazeed on the other hand knew very well that if Imam Hussain (AS) was left alive without giving allegiance to him, the Muslims will always be a threat to Yazeed and his rule.

Imam Hussain (AS) was brutally murdered along with 72 men from his family and friends in Kerbala, Iraq. Even his six month-old baby was killed in broad day light by Yazeed's army when the Imam asked for some water to quench the thirst of the child, who had not received a single drop of water for three days. Yazeed's army, nine hundred thousand armed men, barred the prophet's family from the river.

After killing the men from this small but holy caravan, Yazeed's army set fire to the camps of the prophet's family. The holy ladies, including the grand daughters of the prophet, along with small children were held as prisoners and were taken to Yazeed's palace in Damascus, Syria from Kerbala where they were prisoned for over a year in underground cells.

The Shia Muslims, also known as Shian e Ali (Followers of Ali) mourn in remembrance, the brutal massacre of Imam Hussain (AS) and his family at the hands of Yazeed's army in Kerbala. The followers of Yazeed, the present day Wahabis/Deobandis/Nasbis detest the Shias for the love they have for the prophet's family.

Even Sunni Muslims are hated by the Wahabis as Sunnis also highly respect the prophet's family and are against Yazeed.

Ibn e Saud, Saudi Arabia's Wahabi founder
Ibn e Saud, Saudi Arabia's Wahabi founder

Ibn e Saud (Laeen ibn e Laeen), Saudi Arabia's Wahabi founder
The present Wahabi royal family of Saudi Arabia, the modern day Yazeeds, to show their hatred for the prophet's family, demolished the shrine of Syeda Fatimah Zahra (AS), the daughter of the prophet, along with shrines of Imam Hasan (AS), the prophet's grandson and other descendants of the prophet.

Jannat ul Baqi cemetry today. Graves of Hazrat Abbas, uncle of the holy Prophet (saww), 2nd Imam Hassan Mujtaba, grandson of the Prophet, 4th Imam Zainul Abideen, 5th Imam Mohammad Baqir and 6th Imam Jafar Sadiq (AS)
Jannat ul Baqi cemetry today. Graves of Hazrat Abbas, uncle of the holy Prophet (saww), 2nd Imam Hassan Mujtaba, grandson of the Prophet, 4th Imam Zainul Abideen, 5th Imam Mohammad Baqir and 6th Imam Jafar Sadiq (AS)

Janat ul Baqi, before the destruction by Ibne Saud in 1920
Janat ul Baqi, before the destruction by Ibne Saud in 1920

Both Shia and Sunni Muslims have been killed by the Wahabi Sipah e Sahaba and Lashkar e Jhangavi in Pakistan. The Afghani Wahabis, Taliban, have killed thousands of Shias and Sunnis from the Hazara community in the province of Bamiyan. Saddam Hussain, the Iraqi version of King Fahad, has killed thousands of Shia and Sunni Muslims in Iraq.

But, the international media insists on believing the version of the murderers instead of the victims and continue using the term "Sunni" for Wahabis.

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