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Imam-e-Zamin (AS)'s words on intellect of a Muslim

A hadith of eighth Imam Hazrat Ali Bin Moosa Al-Raza (AS) as quoted in Biharul Anwar Volume 78, says that the intellect of a Muslim does not mature & complete until he has ten qualities: 

  1.  Benevolence & benefaction be expected & hoped from him ...
  2.  And people be secure & peaceful from his evil doing ...
  3.  He considers the small amount of benefaction from others as abundant & plentiful ...
  4.  And takes plenty of his own benevolence & goodness to be a meager amount of it ...
  5. He does not get tired & exhausted by the demands & requirement asked to be fulfilled ...
  6. He does not get fatigued & restless from seeking knowledge for all the length of his life ... 
  7. He loves poverty more than the plentiful ness & affluence, on the course of Allah ...
  8.  And he loves disgrace & abjectness of the way of Allah more than the honour on the course of His enemy ... 
  9. And anonymity is more liked by him than fame ... 
  10. Then he (A.S) said: "The tenth one & what is the tenth?"
  11. The person asked him (A.S.) "What is that?" Imam (A.S.) reflected, "He does not see a person but that he says 'He is better & more pious than myself.'"

Hazrat Imam Husayn a.s says,

Do practice like the person who knows that he would be seized & held for committing crime & rewarded for good deed.

[ Bihar-ul-Anwar; vol 78 , P-127 ]

Hazrat Imam Husayn a.s Says,

Sitting with the intelligent is a sign of successfulness. Disputation with other than the disbelievers is a sign of ignorance. A sign of a scholar is his self-criticism of his sayings and his acquaintance with the various hypotheses.
Hazrat Imam Husayn a.s says,
When other people turn to you in need, consider it a favor of Allah. Do not be wearied of this favor, or it will move on to someone else.
Hazrat Imam Husayn a.s says,
Remember ! Your souls have no value less than the paradise ; do not sell them cheaper .
Hazrat Imam Husayn a.s says,

The one who lacked & missed You [Allah] what did he find ? And what is it that he lacks, the one who finds You [Allah] ? certainly, the one who got pleased & inclined towards other than You [Allah], came to nothingness (failed).

[ Prayer of Arfa Day 9th Zil Hija] [Bihar-ul-Anwar; vol 98 , P-228 ]


Hazrat Imam Husayn a.s says,
 Aiding ( others ) is ( a sign of ) truthfulness .

[ History of Yakoobi , Vol . 2 , Najaf prees , P . 246 , line 9 ]

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